Screen Resolution Error


This error occurs when the screen resolution of the monitor on which Hydro-FIT is to be displayed is too low.  Due to the number of features included within the two main windows of Hydro-FIT, the minimum resolution that is required to view these windows properly is 1440 x 900.  Adjust the resolution of the monitor accordingly and re-run Hydro-FIT. 

User Input:  Invalid/Missing Values


An error similar to the one shown occurs if the user does not enter the required input or makes an invalid entry.  Using the example shown, a valid year would include any positive integer; letters, symbols, and any number less than or equal to zero would be regarded as invalid entries.  Some entries, such as the upper and lower limits of an index analysis, allow zero and negative numbers.  If there is any uncertainty as to why a particular input value that has been entered is invalid, please consult the User's Manual for more detailed descriptions of the input values required for each analysis type.  

User Input:  Invalid Beginning Year


In the case of a peak daily or peak monthly analysis, the user must enter a beginning year and a duration in years.  When using an Excel file as the input file, the beginning year that is entered may be prior to the initial year that data were measured in the input file.  In the case of a netCDF file, the beginning year that is entered cannot be prior to the initial year during which data were measured in the input file; if it is less than the initial year of measurement, then the error shown on the left will appear.   

User Input:  Minimum Years > 4


The specified critical value for the minimum number of valid years of data measurements required for each station to be used in a frequency analysis must be greater than 4.  If less than 5 data values are used in an analysis, the computations required in order to calculate the L-moments for that station cannot be performed.

Input File:  Labeling Error


This error informs the user that the required input data folder is missing or not named correctly in the Excel data input file.  The input folders included in an Excel input file must be titled "Data (Monthly)" and/or "Data (Daily)"; the folder that is required (and the potential error shown) depends on the resolution of the data to be analyzed, which must match the selected resolution in the "Data Resolution" drop-down box.

Input File:  Data Missing/Format Error


An error similar to the one shown occurs if there is missing information or data that are not in the correct format within the input file; the error message will specify whether Hydro-FIT encountered a problem with the station names or the values entered for years, months, or days, or the data values themselves.  Station names can be either a string or a number, but all other data included in the input file must be entered as real numeric values.  Certain types of data, such as precipitation, do not allow negative values; if the 'rainfall' or 'stream flow' are selected from the 'Data Type' drop-down box on the 'Screen Data' window, an error will occur if there are negative data values entered in the input file. Years, months, and days must be positive integers.

Input File:  Number of Data Columns


This error occurs when there are either missing columns or additional columns of data included in the input file.  The data columns that must be included in the data file are titled as shown in the error message; any changes to these column titles will result in the same error.  Any data that is entered outside of these columns will also produce this error message.  In order to fix this error, edit the input file so that all data are entered only under the specified columns and that the column headings are correct.

Input File: Site Characteristics Missing


This warning occurs when the user clicks the "Site Analysis" button and the site names in the input file's "Data (Monthly)" and/or "Data (Daily)" folders do not match the site names in the "Characteristics" folder of the input file.  Hydro-FIT will still be able to run after this warning occurs, but the "Contour" map feature will not be available.  In order to address this warning, make sure that the site names in all folders are exactly the same and that none are missing.  It should be noted that site names are case-sensitive. 

Analysis: No Valid Sites


This error will occur if there are no sites that contain a sufficient number of valid years of data to meet the criteria set by the user in the "Minimum Data" textbox.  This can be due to large numbers of missing and/or invalid data values in the input file over the range of years set by the user.  It can also be a result of the user entering a high value in the "Duration Years" textbox.  Other possible reasons include setting a beginning year that is greater than or slightly less than the final year of the data in the input file or by setting a beginning year and duration in years that results in the final year of the analysis being less than or only slightly greater than the beginning year of the data in the input file.  This error can be fixed by changing the screening criteria.